Suck + Bow is a series of video installation made with footages of photographic views in breathing movement of the city of Shanghai, 2001-2007


Sucking (Sky) (2001) is an installation of 4-channel video sculptures made of fabric, aluminum and wood. The base of the sculpture is the same shape of the photographic skyline in the video. Breathing movement of the video picture is synchronized with the inflatable effects of the fabric
Suck+Blow & Blow+Suck (2002) is a 2-channel video installation. Sometimes resonance effects take place with two different breathing paces of the video
(Suck+Blow)x4 (2003-2007) was originally a proposal for a 4-channel projection installation whereas a monitor version of it will be produced in June, 2003 for an exhibition in the Singapore Art Museum. See image below.
Sketch for the monitor version of (Suck+Blow)x4
(Suck+Blow)x4 (2003-2007) was finally realized in full projection installation in the Museum of Contemporary, Shanghai in 2007

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