Artist statement

There From Here is a process. It is a project in which we learn about a place through people. It is about perception rather than knowledge. I would like to understand how others see Sham Shui Po, whether they live there or are simply passers-by. Society is a collective of individuals. We make use of our network to find out from various individuals the many fragments associated with Sham Shui Po.

Displayed in a space occupied by passers-by, this piece of work, embodying the invisible presence of many people, is dematerialised and temporary. It enables a conceptual encounter with and between individuals — the experience is similar to how we can be captured by the conversations or belongings of the strangers we meet. The dialogue involved has no beginning or end. This work is not only a collection of thoughts and traces of people but also a kind of map of a place.

Leung Chi Wo
April 6, 2011, Fo Tan