The Date Series

Archival ink prints, 52 x 82 cm, 2017 - present

6th Schools Dance Festival Oriental Dance Competition at Queen Elizabeth School, January 14, 1970 (2020)


Opening Ceremony for the New Campus of Kiangsu-Chekiang College, January 15, 1970 (2020)


The Date Series began in 2017 with Leung Chi Wo’s visits to the locations where bomb attacks once took place during the 1967 riots. On the same date, at the same location, exactly fifty years later, the artist turns the camera skyward and captures the sky with black and white film.

The series evolves into an ongoing reading of news archive of violent events from bombing to domestic conflicts, sexual assaults and gang fights and the collection of these events have become a social diary with a personal touch when the artist was able to revisit the sites of violence.

In naming the images, Leung chose civil and personal events that happened on the day of the crime, bringing to the forefront coexistences of ephemeral yet notable timelines referenced by the very same images. Through polysemy and polyphony, Leung systematizes the contemplation and conception of two kinds of parallel worlds: one temporally synchronous but spatially distant, another temporally distinct yet spatially unified.

Based on the groundwork of text and photography, the series expands to video My Random Diary and spoken word 50 Years.






Christmas Day, December 25, 1969 (2019)


My Birthday, January 6, 1970 (2020)


Christmas Party of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Staffs, December 17, 1969 (2019)


Winter Solstice, December 22, 1969 (2019)


Official Opening for the Festival of Hong Kong, December 8, 1969 (2019)


Grand Parade on Nathan Road as the Closing Event for the Festival of Hong Kong, December 15, 1969 (2019)


Closing and Award Ceremony For the Third Lantau Inter-School Athletic Meet, November 4, 1969 (2019)


Opening of the First Youth Athletic Meet in Sham Shui Po as the celebration of the Festival of Hong Kong, December 7, 1969 (2019)


The 16th Kaifong Festival, October 23, 1969 (2019)


The Parish Feast Day of the Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Yuen Long, October 28, 1969 (2019)




Boxing Day, December 26, 1968 (2018)


Celebration of the National Liberation Day of Korea on the top floor of the Mandarin hotel on August 15, 1969 (2019)




The Naming of Kowloon Park, November 15, 1968 (2018)


Creation of Transport Department in the Hong Kong Government, December 1, 1968 (2018)




The 1968 Cross-Harbor Race, September 22, 1968 (2018)


Founding of the Hong Kong Community Chest, November 8, 1968




Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1968 (2018)


Miss Soul Dancing Contest, August 12, 1968 (2018)


Release of the English School Certificate Examination Results, August 22, 1967 (2017)


Opening of the Lion Rock Tunnel, November 14, 1967 (2017)


Opening of Hong Kong Week, October 30, 1967 (2017)


Mother's Birthday, September 23, 1967 (2017)


Arrival in Hong Kong of Australian Music Group The In People, September 3, 1967 (2017)


100th Birthday of Sam So at the Ebenezer School and Home for the Blind, August 24, 1967 (2017)